Rice water in its simplest form, is the liquid that is leftover after cooking, parboiling or fermenting your rice. Together we have been able to explore the beauty secrets that come with rice and its water. In today’s post, we shall be looking at how you can also improve your hair and overall health with rice water, be it concentrated, diluted or fermented.

How Rice Water is Beneficial To Your Health

A Good Source of Energy

Rice water is an excellent source of energy due to its high concentration of carbohydrates. By drinking a glass of rice water every morning, you can be sure of high level of energy for a long period of time. Drinking rice water is also extremely beneficial for overall health of our body. It contains 8 essential amino acids which forms the building blocks for tissue and helps in muscle regeneration. I understand that In India, farmers generally drink cooked rice water before they start their laborious work in the fields, staying energetic throughout the day in spite of their hard work in the fields.

Cancer Prevention

One of the greatest advantages of drinking cooked rice water is that it will strengthen your immune system and help you to fight many diseases, including cancer. Eating brown rice in particular, is said to help in preventing some types of cancer, especially, colon cancer. This can be attributed to its high level of fiber contents. These fibers attach themselves to substances that cause cancer and toxins in the body, thus eliminating them.

Remedy for Viral Infections

A common home remedy used since ancient times to treat viral fever naturally, rice water averts water loss that comes with fever and vomiting during an infection. It helps replenish the lost nutrients and speeds the recovery process. This traditional remedy acts as a diuretic agent that increases urination and boosts the immune system, especially in children and older people suffering from viral fever.

Prevents and cures constipation

Rice water is said to prevent constipation by facilitating smooth bowel movements.  Drink 1-2 cups of rice water a day to stimulate intestinal movement and ease constipation.    

Prevents Dehydration

Rice water comes handy at reducing your chances of dehydration on a hot sunny day, as the body tends to lose water and salts through sweat. Apart from replenishing the lost nutrients, it also serves as a regulator to your body temperature.


Rice water proves to be an excellent home remedy for treating diarrhea and other gastrointestinal troubles, not only in adults but also in infants.  A study found that rice water was more effective in controlling diarrhea by reducing the volume and frequency of stooling in both babies and adults.


How to prepare

  •    ½ cup of rice
  •    3-4 cups of water.
  •    Cook rice for about 10mins and drain the water
  •    Add a pinch of salt
  •    Drink a cup twice daily (preferably warm), until condition improves.


For Babies

  • Take one cup of rice water
  • Add 3 cups of purified water
  • Boil for 15 minutes
  • Give your baby in small portions every four hours or until the condition improves.
  • If your baby is experiencing fever, this solution can also help bring the temperature to normal.
  • If the condition is severe, please seek medical attention immediately.


Extra Beauty Secrets of Rice

These are some extra beauty secrets of rice that i failed to mention in my last post “Beauty Secrets of rice


To treat Eczema in adult, you need the concentrated rice water preferably. The starchy component is essential for treating this condition. Once the rice is cooked and drained, allow the water to cool down. Dip a gauze or a piece of cloth in the solution and apply all over the affected area repeatedly. Allow to dry naturally.

For baby’s Eczema, add 2 cups of rice water to your baby’s bathing water. It will help relieve your baby of eczema, rashes and other irritating skin conditions.

Oil Control

Rice powder mixed with corn powder is excellent for oil control on the face.  Take a little rice powder and mix with half of corn powder, apply on your face using a makeup brush. Alternatively, you can also apply this mixture, after your foundation, to help your makeup stay longer and give your face a silky smooth finish.

Better Hair

The amino acids in rice water strengthen the hair roots, add volume and sheen and make hair silky smooth. Inositol, a particular substance found in rice water, has proven to be useful in improving the elasticity of hair and reducing friction in damaged hair, leading to the overall improved health of the hair. You may find fermented rice water very handy, because you can use it as an after-shampoo hair rinse or a daily hair spray. You will love the result from day to day, especially if you are trying to grow your natural hair. One thing that really amazes me is that rice water doesn’t have an after application smell, both on hair and skin.


How to Prepare Fermented Rice Water

Measure half a cup of rice.  Give it a quick rinse. Add 3-4 cups of cold water and cover with a tight lid. Allow it to stay for 1day if the weather is hot or 2days in a cold climate. This is to allow fermentation to take place. Once fermented, it gives a slightly sour smell. Strain and store the water in your refrigerator for about 2-3days to stop the fermentation process. Your rice water is ready for use. Use for 10days and prepare a new one.

Finally, experiment freely with concentrated, diluted or fermented rice water and see what works best for your hair, skin and overall health.

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