Hi guys, it’s been Wow! Wow! Wow! Since last Friday after my post “What sex does to you”. The response, the questions and the commendations have left no doubt in my mind that exploring this territory is not a misnomer, rather to provide answers to all your silent questions and solutions to all your unbearable problems. I am here to reassure you that your marriage can bring you lots and lots of fun and happiness again. I’m here to help boost your self-esteem, to take you from your lowest ebb to the peak of sexual fulfilment in your marriage. So, let’s ride together.

Research has shown that many wives long for more nipple/breast play before and during lovemaking. And this does not exclude men, as some fall into this category.
Information has it that 82% of women and 52% of men said that nipple-breast stimulation could cause them to feel sexually aroused.

In another study, a total of 78% of women and 39% of men stated that, once aroused, nipple/breast stimulation can further increase their arousal. Be that as it may, my main focus here would be women. Men are encouraged not only to caress their wives’ nipples and breasts, but to suck them as well. Doing so make her mind and body to relax and further boost her confidence and trust in you, because the nipples are said to be the closest erogenous area to a woman’s heart.

Your wife’s nipple/breast stimulation is one of the best ways to ignite her sexual urges. When a woman is aroused, her breasts and nipples swell making it sensitive to touch. Although I don’t know how true this is, small breasts are said to be more sensitive than large ones. It was discovered that large breasts were 24% less sensitive than small breasts. That large breast can usually handle stronger simulation, while smaller breasts can handle more movement than larger ones. Let me say this however, as long as your wife’s breasts have nipples and areola (the dark ring around the nipple), with proper attention paid to them, almost all nipples have the power to increase your sexual pleasure. When you learn how to stimulate your wife’s breasts, it will open a limitless door of sexual pleasures to you.

I must also let you know that some women have more sensitive nipples than others, especially if the nipples are big, irrespective of the size of the breast, to the extent that if properly stimulated, the added sensation can actually cause an orgasm to occur. But you must make sure your wife is in tune with what you are doing with her nipples/breast. Find out if the sensation on her nipples is causing her to twitch or causing her pain or discomfort. You can know this from her body language. Wives should also learn to tell our spouses, when we do or don’t like something. Honesty with your spouse during lovemaking will only make you get better, especially if he or she knows what you really enjoy

Common Reasons Some Wives Don’t Enjoy Or Don’t Want Breast/Nipple Stimulation

I interacted with a few women in the last one week, through vox pop, and to my amazement, I established that as pleasurable and gratifying as nipple/breast stimulation might be, there are still one or two wives, who feel this is a No! No! for them. Though they are one out of every four, it’s important that we echo their voices so the husbands, (who perhaps might have been wondering why their wives are not responsive to their touch) would adjust and enjoy better sex with them from now on. Unbelievably so, the men also have their own set of complaints. Let us hear from both sides:

Their Reasons

• My husband is too rough; he doesn’t know how to suck my nipples.

• “I don’t like the way my husband grabs and squeeze my breasts like oranges. I’m ready to offer him everything every time, but let him treat me like a lady. He always thinks he’s doing me a favour by making love to me’’

• “My husband doesn’t tell me “I love you?” He doesn’t care about my feelings at all. Of course, I can offer him my breast 24/7, but let him show me some affection first.”

• “I always have this phobia that my husband could mistakenly bite me if I allow him to suck my nipples.”

• “I can only allow him to suck my nipples if he agrees to put off the light.”

• “My husband has never ever touched my breasts o! I don’t even know how it feels”

• “Anytime I ask my husband to suck my nipples, he’s always saying I’m too spoilt, asking me where did I learn all these nonsense from.”

• “My wife doesn’t allow me to see her breast at all. How can I touch or get aroused by what I cannot see?”

This Is What You Should Do Fix The situation

• For some women, nipple/breast stimulation is very arousing and can actually lead them to orgasm all by its self, if properly done (this is not applicable to the wife alone; some husbands can also orgasm, by merely watching their wife do so, especially if he experiences premature ejaculation) both of them get sexually fulfilled at the end of the day.

In some others, their nipples are not as quick or sensitive to touch, which means it can take a bit longer to get them properly stimulated. But in general, gentle pulling, by hand or mouth, may feel good. Similarly, brushing over the erect nipples can be pleasurable, and can be done either very lightly or more firmly.

However, open communication is important to maximising your sexual pleasure. Be sure to tell your husband if you prefer he touches your nipples slightly more aggressively during foreplay. Some women want breast stimulation in the form of tender, soft touching, and some want it rougher.

• Some husbands like to spend a longer time on their wife’s breasts by playing, touching and sucking them. If you fall into this category, please, apply a bit of lubricant on her breasts to make your touch feel better, more stimulating or arousing. This will prevent dryness and irritation each time you touch them.

• Take your bath together at least once in a week. In the shower give her breasts a long, soapy massage. This is another way to stimulate those who are not as quick to respond to nipple/breast stimulation. But be careful not to slip.

• If you must use your teeth, use them sparingly and carefully so you don’t end up hurting her. Your tongue and lips are much safer to give her pleasure.

• When she’s not expecting it, hold your wife from behind, nibble her ear or kiss her neck as you play with her breasts and nipples. Gently massage her entire breast. Use both hands if she is large and one hand on each if she is smaller. This can work magic, especially if you notice she’s not likely to respond to your regular touch tonight. This can be done while you are both standing.

• Remember to always keep clean and well-trimmed nails. As good as nipple/breast sucking or touching may feel, they do not go together with dirty and rough nails.

• Apart from foreplay, some positions allow you to explore your wife’s breasts during lovemaking, which is good and desirable. But ladies, if your husband can’t reach your nipples during lovemaking, you should certainly touch your own nipples in romantic ways to further heighten the pleasure for both of you

• After sex, some wives complain their husbands turn their back, and the next thing is, you hear him snoring. Husbands, please stop this unromantic attitude. Stop ignoring your wife after she has surrendered her body to you to dissect as you please. Don’t ignore her after sex. Five minutes of your time, to still touch her, commend her or even talk about what just happened won’t prevent you from sleeping. This is a great way of showing her you care

Next week Friday, we shall elaborate more on “What you must do to further enjoy Nipple and breast stimulation”

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