Hello everyone! Welcome to “Sexy Fridays” I believe we all had a great and fabulous week.  I always feel more and more excited each time I read through your messages or receive your phone calls or even a repost of my write up. Honestly, I cannot trade this for anything.  Thank you guys, you are simply awesome.

I’m sure you will all agree with me that “Sexy-Fridays” has been a three week of mind-blowing experience. From “Sexy Fridays Introduction” to “What Sex Does To You” to “Lets Take Off With Her Nipples” and finally, “Go Forth And Orgasm”.

However, based on logistics, “Sexy Fridays” will now come up twice a month. This is to enable me, not just meet your demand, but also give you a thorough, well researched and incredible experience each time we meet here.

Before then, I leave you with these few nuggets, and a peep into some sex turn- offs for some wives. I wish you a happy holiday.

Little Mistakes That Reduce the Sexual Desire of Wives for Their Husbands

Signs or Evidence of Infidelity

  • When she discovers that he is in love with another woman or makes love to another woman elsewhere

Poor Body Hygiene

  • Bad breath/smell of alcohol and tobacco
  • Not taking his bath regularly
  • Dirty hands and keeping sharp and long fingernails
  • Improper mouthwash and irregular shaving of armpit
  • Dirty underwear
  • Body odour and unattractive body smell

Late Arrivals at Night and Late Retirement to Bed

  • When he is fond of coming in very late every night, at which time the wife must have lost interest in giving him good sex. Other husbands may be in the house, but busy with something else while keeping her waiting endlessly

Physical Appearance

  • When he doesn’t care anymore about his physical appearance and starts growing a pot belly or losing body shape

Heavy Eating Just Before Sex

  • When he is too full or overeats just before lovemaking. This can make him sluggish, sleepy, belchy, gassy, etc.

When He Is Never Adventurous or Explorative About Sex

  • He doesn’t communicate deeply about sex with his wife in order to discover her sexual preferences
  • He doesn’t know his wife’s erogenous zones or try any different sex positions apart from the ‘missionary’ style
  • He always waits for his wife to make the first move. He asks questions hinting suspicion such as ‘where are you learning all these from or how do you cope when I am not around?

Lack of Sufficient Foreplay

  • He doesn’t take his time to caress his wife properly before love making. As a result, some wives experience pain instead of pleasure
  • He doesn’t kiss her

Insensitivity To Her Feelings During And After Love Making

  • He is given to distractions – partially listening to a programme, news, football game and temporarily loses his momentum as a result of  wondering thoughts or what I call emotional infidelity
  • He turns his back and sleeps off immediately after love making

He Does Not Satisfy Her Sexually

  • When he is only concerned about his personal pleasure

Lack of Appreciation

  • When he doesn’t tell  her he loves her or show her affection any more (no more little gifts or dates)
  • He doesn’t compliment her good looks, features and character strength
  • Some husbands utter derogatory names about their wife’s breast or vital body parts
  • He regularly puts up frowning disposition anytime they are together
  • He compares his wife sexual appeal/performance with other women




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